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Never say die

What to do when life throws you a lime? Make a Caipirinha! Read all about the new direction for ThemeButler.com.

ThemeButler started off as our entry into the WordPress theme market, with our key differentiator being that our themes were built for WordPress developers, freelancers and agencies. The themes we created don't come with any configuration options and is extended via your child-theme or plugin, using the frameworks we created. We spent two years creating our vision and officially launched in July, 2015.

If I'm completely honest, the launch was pretty underwhelming. Apart from spreading the word across the usual social networks, sent out a newsletter and reached out to loads of WordPress blogs, developers and agencies. Overall the feedback we received was incredibly positive. The problem was, we just weren't getting enough traffic to our site. While this wasn't the most re-assuring start, we continued none-the-less.

It's no secret that the WordPress theme market is overly congested and buyers now have more options than ever, but I guess we naively thought that we'd stand out from the crowd, due to our specialized focus. While that could still be the case, realistically, it would be another year at least of getting our brand established. That meant another year of bootstrapping and living month to month.

The realization of all of the above lead my good friend and business partner, Thierry to make the hard decision to exit the business and find a reliable source of income, so that he could move back to Switzerland with his wife, start a family and be closer to his parents and siblings.

I completely understand where Thierry is coming from and completely support his decision. With this change though, I needed to think about how best to move forward. Trying to run a theme shop on my own was not a viable option, but flying solo again means I have room to experiment, which is what I'm doing with the site.

So that's where we are. This is my experiment to see whether I can sustain my income though advertising on the site. Will it work? Who knows, but I figured it's worth a try.

What about support?

Being that everything on ThemeButler is free, I won't be providing support. That said, there is a Community discussion forum, where you guys can help each other and I am exploring partnering with a 3rd party support provider, for those that prefer a support package.

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  1. found your site on getuikit showcase. thanks for your insights and good luck from another startup-founder 😉

  2. Congratulations to you and Thierry.
    I found out about the Beans Framework and the Themebutler at http://wplift.com/beans-wordpress-theme-framework and became very intrigued.

    I have downloaded your themes and will test them out.
    I am looking into creating a tutorial for my web site.
    Something like how UIKIt can benefit a theme because of the various features it includes. Code samples and screenshots.
    Keep on writing and it will get more and more noticed.

    It seems your taking care of the theme shop and Thierry is taking care of the Beans Framework site. As Beans gets more and more docs/tutorials in place, and you add themes. It will get noticed.

    Good luck! I got a real good feeling about Beans!

    Paal Joachim

    • Thanks Paal! Glad to have you on board! Tutorials will definitely help to get the word out and make it easier for folks to get started with Beans and our themes. I have a bunch of tutorials planned, but I am juggling my time between working on updates for the site and freelance gigs, to pay the bills in the meantime.

  3. Saw beans, it's incredibly fast! Wishing you success, and yes, never quit 🙂

  4. I am a newbie. Very interesting in Beans. I am follow for coming up tutorials too 🙂 This must be amazing.

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