Updates19 Sep, 2015

September updates

September was a productive month, with the site getting an overhaul, updates to the themes and general refinements across the board.

The ThemeButler site

ThemeButler.com received a complete overhaul this month, with updated brand colors and general refinements across the board. I can't promise this design will stick, but I do feel it's a step in the right direction.

Themes converted to child-themes

All the our current and future themes will be built as child-themes for Beans. My original plan was to keep them as parent-themes, but with the new Beans branding, it was causing more confusion than good. From a maintenance point of view, it means I don't need to update the themes every time a new version of Beans is released. It also means the that theme updates aren't needed, as child-themes aren't intended to be updated.

How to update

Updating from the parent-theme to child-theme includes three steps

If you've made modifications to the parent-theme via a child theme, back that up first.

1.) Download and Install the Beans theme.
2.) Download and install the new child-theme (available on this site).
3.) Activate the new child, then remove the old parent theme.
4.) Any modifications made can be moved either directly in the child-theme or via the Theme Customization plugin.

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