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Beans snippets package for Atom

I spend a lot of time in my code editor of choice (currently Atom) and as such, I like to be as efficient as possible within my current IDE. Being that 99.9999% of the code I'm writing these days is centered around Beans, it makes sense to take advantage of Atoms built in snippets functionality to speed up the process.

So without further adieux, I present the Beans Snippets for Atom package. I'm hoping that as Beans continues to gain traction, other dev's will contribute to making the package even better. The full working code is on Github, so feel free to fork it and add-your own 😉

I would like to get some feedback before submitting it to the official Atom package directory, so for the mean time, you'll need to install it manually. See instructions for Mac and Windows.

I've created a post on the Community Forum, so please submit any feedback you have there. If you discover any bugs, submit them as an issue on the Github repo, or drop me a message via the Contact form if you're not on Github.

Available snippets

  • Add Attribute
  • Remove Attribute
  • Replace Attribute
  • Remove Markup
  • Remove Action
  • Modify Action
  • Set Layout
  • Load Document
  • Enqueue UIkit Components
  • Dequeue UIkit Components
  • Show UIkit Components
  • Add Markup
  • Register Widget Area
  • Output Widget Area
  • Register & Output Widget Area
  • Adjust Grid

Detailed instructions on how to use the various snippets are available on the Github repo page.

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