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Tutorials04 Mar, 2018

Customizing the WordPress admin

In this tutorial I share how I customize the WordPress admin for my clients. In it, I'll be cover replacing the WordPress admin login, improving the WordPress dashboard, removing unnecessary elements from the admin and more.

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Updates25 May, 2017

At the tipping point

Some of you might already know that about 11 months ago and have been living out of a tent while I develop the farm for guest accommodation and growing my own food / raising my own animals. During that time I've managed to get by on a few freelance gigs here and there, but it's gotten to the point where I am struggling to keep things going more often than not and as such, it's time for me to make a plan once and for all.

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Tutorials16 Apr, 2016

Create a sitemap, without a plugin

In this tutorial, I cover the steps needed to create a sitemap, without using a plugin. This is something that Thierry came up with, so full credit to him for the code. I'm just sharing it here so you guys can use it too.

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Tutorials14 Apr, 2016

Creating custom builds of UIkit using the Beans compiler

In this video I show you how to use Beans as a quick and easy way to create custom builds of UIkit, for your static projects. Also covers Beans auto-loading feature, which takes the frustration out of loading UIkit components without the needed dependancies.

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Releases13 Apr, 2016

Harness the power of Beans in your WooCommerce themes

Using Beans is addictive. The more you use it, the more you'll wish the entire WordPress was built using it. Unfortunately, when it comes to 3rd-party plugins though, that's when the fun stops. No more dynamic markup, no more easily adding or removing attributes, etc. It's a pretty sad state of affairs once you're used to the elegant power that Beans provides.

This is where the WooCommerce Overrides for Beans comes in. It acts as a bridge between WooCommerce and Beans and allows you to do some pretty advance customizations, while not touching a single template override.

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Updates11 Apr, 2016

ThemeButler forum shutting down

After much consideration, I've decided to shut down the ThemeButler forums. The original idea was to provide a place where users of my themes could help each other out if needed, but I think it was a bit premature to setup a forum before having an active community. The main reason I setup the forum was because there wasn't any better alternative at the time. Luckily that's changed with the launch of the official Beans forum, which is one of the nicest BBPress implementations I've seen yet.

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Stories19 Jan, 2016

Beans, from a local developers perspective

A couple weeks back I came across a comment on Sitepoint review of Beans, by local WordPress dev (and fellow convert from Joomla), Simon Dowles. I enjoyed reading about his first impressions of Beans, so I reached out and asked if he'd mind me publishing it on the ThemeButler blog. He was kind enough to agree, so without further adieux, here it is.

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Releases15 Dec, 2015

Beans snippets package for Atom

I spend a lot of time in my code editor of choice (currently Atom) and as such, I like to be as efficient as possible within my current IDE. Being that 99.9999% of the code I'm writing these days is centered around Beans, it makes sense to take advantage of Atoms built in snippets functionality to speed up the process.

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Customizing your Beans child-theme - part 1

Now that I've covered getting setup with Beans, I'm going to move on to some practical examples of how you can customize your child-theme using Beans.

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Sneak Peeks21 Oct, 2015

Voyager sneak peek

Now that the new ThemeButler site is up, I've moved on to the next project, which is a new child-theme called Voyager. While it's still a way off, I couldn't resist sharing a preview of the WIP design.

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