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Theme Setup Guide

All of our themes are built as child-themes for Beans and are installed like any other theme, via the Appearance > Themes page in the WordPress admin.

Customizing your child theme

In order to keep your modifications safe from updates, it is recommended that you add all customizations via a Beans Child-Theme Modifier plugin. The plugin lets you add custom CSS, LESS, JS or PHP via the relevant file types in the /wp-content/plugins/beans-child-theme-modfifier/custom/ folder.

Overriding UIkit's LESS variables

Any of the UIkit LESS files can be overriden via your /wp-content/plugins/beans-child-theme-modfifier/custom/uikit/ folder and will be included automatically. The source folder for all the UIkit LESS files is located in /wp-content/themes/tm-beans/lib/api/uikit/src/less/ folder.

To override any of the LESS files, simply copy the original from the source folder into your custom/uikit folder. From there, you would remove everything except the variables you are wanting to override.


To get the most out of our themes, we highly recommend investing a bit of time to learn more about Beans. Below are a couple of recommended tutorials to get you started:

Developer Resources

To get the most out of Beans, be sure to check out the comprehensive developer documentation, code reference and snippet library, as it will make customizing your Beans based theme a breeze.