Responsive images

The post image is automatically outputted using the picture element and automatically loads the smallest image possible.


Microformats add meta data to your various html elements, allowing search engines to identify common data types.

Crazy fast

Our themes are heavily optimized for performance out-the-box, with built-in caching for images and optimized assets.

Bloat free

Our themes aren’t overloaded with configuration options or features you’ll never use. We like things lean.

Easy to extend

Customizing any aspect of our themes is child’s play if you’re familiar with hooks and filters.

Mobile friendly

All our themes are fully responsive & will look great, no matter the device it’s viewed on.

Built on UIKit

UIKit is a lightweight front-end framework that we use for our grid and other web components.

Sketch source

All our themes are designed in Sketch.app and the .sketch source files are included at no additional cost.

Multilingual friendly

Translating our themes is easy using the available .PO files and we follow all the recommended best practices.

Community support

While our themes are unsupported, there is community forum to post any questions you may have.

Theme license

Our themes are 100% GPL, so there are no restrictions or limitations whatsoever.

Browser support

All our themes work in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Built with Beans

All of our themes are built as child-themes for Beans, an innovative theme framework for WordPress.

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